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Hello, not done much with react-native, but have developed apps on iOS. I’m having a problem getting code reloading with Android. I’ve created the project using: $ lein new expo hello $ cd hello $ yarn install I start the Android emulator. And then: $ lein figwheel (in one terminal) $ exp start -a (for android) The app starts in the Android emulator. When I edit the code under hello/src/hello/core.cljs nothing happens, no refresh. My ‘edit’ is a simple modification of the text on the default button. This is in contrast to the behaviour which I see when I try to do the same thing with iOS. Is there a step I’m missing that I need to perform in order to see the code reloading on Android? Thanks


So what happens after I ask a question? It all magically starts to work. Please ignore & sorry for the noise


Hey, does anyone here have a solution to this issue: