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Hi. Our client wants to convert the web application we have built with CLJS + re-frame + reagent to Android and iOS. I´ve created an APK with this tool and so far so good. Do you recommend another tool or approach?


@asier doesn’t seem to have anything to do with React Native? If you want to convert a web app to RN you unfortuntately have to replace all dom components (div, p etc.) with RN components. And any external library component that you use will likely not work. But you can reuse all re-frame handlers, subscriptions and general business logic.


Thanks @vikeri. The performance and the look & feel (our webapp is responsive) of the APK produced by is very good so I´m not sure wether to make the effort of replacing all the view components. I´m not an App person, so that´s why I wanted to get some feedback on this.


@asier If what you got with gonative was enough performance wise then there’s no need for RN 😄