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I'm trying to use the flat-list component. I have no error, nothing is render but the flat list take space on the screen. Here is my code : [flat-list { :list-header-component (fn [] (r/as-element [view [text {:style (:text styles)} "Texts list"]])) :data (into-array [{:key 1 :name "one"} {:key 2 :name "two"} {:key 3 :name "three"}]) :key-extractor (fn [item, index] (:key item)) :render-item (fn [item] (r/as-element [text {:style (:text styles)} (:name item)]))}] ]


and using the inspector I see nothing to inspect. But if I remove the flat-list space is taken of.


@sachinharpalani i always try re-natal use-figwheel && rlwrap lein figwheel ios when things like that come up, and seems to work for me. I don't have deep knowledge of the why, so to speak, but hey, give it a shot.