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hi, anyone here integrated cljs-react-navigation in their code ? I am having a weird problem. I made a Stack of three screens using stack-navigator The first screen has a text input. If i use router in the app-root and then run the code, the textinput is non-responsive ( i cant add text) but if i directly mount the Stack in app-root, it works. However, I want to keep the routing state in my re-frame db, hence I want to go with the router approach. Please help


Hey @binora. I wrote cljs-react-navigation so I might be able to help. Is re-frame properly storing the routing state?


yes. i checked.


should i send you code snippets ?


I’m at work at the moment so I can’t actively debug this right now. Maybe submit an issue on Github and attach any code you think is relevant? A full example that I could checkout and reproduce locally would speed up debugging.


@binora I am using cljs-react-navigation but so far I havent integrated it with the app-db since I am learning everything. sorry


Any suggestions on equivalent library for doing svg graphics on the lines of html5 svg ( cricles , ellipse etc )


my get request are failing because the body isnt null when it get's the the native networking modules. It looks like the body is set to "" and not null. I'm using cljs-ajax. Are other people having this problem? If so, how are you solving it? I manually set it to null in the RTCNetworking.*.js in the networking library to verify that this is the case and then it works


right now I just have a condition to set the body to null if method="GET" in the RTCNetworking.*.js files. but every time react native gets reinstalled in node_modules these files get overwritten. This works fine but it gets annoying dealing with this. Anyone have a better solution?