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I'm terribly sorry if I came across as negative. I know that maintaining a OSS library is a very hard and often under-appreciated job.


@rovanion I’m glad you asked the question so that the doubts could be cleared


re-natal has been great for me personally… and tbh has been the source of least problems (in fact, I don’t remember any personally in my 2 RN decent size projects so far); it was also a great (and I believe still is) “get going” tutorial - I remember the first time I followed the tutorial closely when just getting started with React Native 1+ year ago it got me to hello world in 1-2 hours and with minimum problems… of course YMMV at any given moment depending on your OS, OS version and any outstanding bugs in various pieces in and around React Native itself


my experience is similar. The problems are primarily in global XCode installation, react-native itself, iOS development - less so in re-natal


@rovanion You did nothing wrong! 🙂


@raspasov and @pesterhazy: Are you using re-natal on multi-person teams?


I can say it's been one of the most troublesome parts of our cljsrn setup.


@jeaye yup, we're a few people working on the app


only iOS and mostly in the sim (so not fiddling with IP addresses for physical devices etc.)


Ah, we're only Android.


I see... I'm guessing a majority of RN users are still primarily targetting iOS


@jeaye only myself at the moment; my previous project was with others … yes some issues arise then but as far as a remember it was always some npm/packager related problems of the type “works on my computer only”


@jeaye every time we resolved those and found the cause, re-natal was never the real problem … is there a specific issue that you run into often?


npm and the JS versioning with the style ^1.2.0 (auto upgrade or whatever they call it the ^) is so funky and unpredictable


I almost think that it should just never be used… any opinions/thoughts about that?