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Oleh K.15:07:17

I've made GUI lighttable plugin for re-natal. It is tested only on Mac and have issues but generally works.


Has anyone seen any work being done for getting actual stack traces from cljsrn errors?


I s'pose one does get useful ones occasionally, but often the errors happen in MessageQueue or JSTimers or something else unhelpful.


@jeaye This might be useful: Enable “Debug JS Remotely,” (have things run in Chrome), and then if you have enabled source maps (in re-natal, done using enable-source-maps option), you can get it to stop at the point you throw, say an ex-info, and it will show your ClojureScript source in Chrome.


@mfikes Hm, so I typically run in the Android emulator. You're saying I can still do that, but via Chrome?


I assume so. The idea is that the JavaScript is decoupled from the native layer via the bridge, and if you bring up what is equivalent to iOS’s “shake gesture” on Android, I would expect you go get a menu that lets you activate “Debug JS Remotely”. For the iOS simulator, it transparently shifts its execution into Chrome and it talks to the simulator over the wire.


I hope this works for Chromium as well. Do you know?


I would install Chromium to give this a shot, but not Chrome.


I don’t know what Chromium is


They mention something about Android at the bottom of


Chromium is the open source browser upon which Chrome is built, without all the proprietary Google bits. 🙂 I can look up the source map stuff for it though. Thanks for the info.


@mfikes That's been very helpful, thanks again.


Figured out it's figwheel causing some odd issue