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Trying re-natal with rum: re-natal init chip1 -i rum; cd chip1; re-natal use-android device avd; re-natal use-figwheel; lein figwheel android; (in separate window) react-native run-android Result in emulator is red screen with "Application chip1 has not been registered. ..." I was able to get re-natal working with reagent, but I would like to try rum. Compared re-natal collateral for reagent with re-natal collateral for rum, but did not spot any obvious issue with the rum collateral. Any thoughts where to look next? Thanks for any help.


"not been registered" is a catch-alll error that usually just means something went wrong in the javascript code before that point


try react-native log-android to inspect the logs


often there's an indication of what's wrong


@pesterhazy -- Thanks, log-android is a useful command. I needed to restart the react-native packager after changing from the reagent project to the rum project. Now it works.