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Rohit Thadani01:03:19

@mozinator your library is useful as a template for instantiating components its the first ive seen, as an unrelated question I see you have all the navigator components do you by any chance have examples of a real navigator specifically the DrawerNavigator. I'm having a hard time creating an app with one. The doesnt seem to cover this one


its on my list 🙂 I used re-navigate as inspiration for my own apps. Although I don't save the navigation state in the "db"

Rohit Thadani01:03:36

@vikeri I didnt know how to do this so I opened an issue on github, Feel free to get rid of it. In any case those wrappers that wrap the screens would have been impossible for me to figure out if i had gone at it on my own 🙂 so thank you for implementing the example anyway


@vikeri the re-navigate example was really helpful to me too, thanks for that! @rohit_ to make it work with a DrawerNavigator is very similar to the StackNavigator, basically replacing the references: (def drawer-navigator (.-DrawerNavigator react-navigation)) (def drawer-router {:Home {:screen app-root-comp} :Card {:screen resd-comp}}) (def dn (r/adapt-react-class (drawer-navigator (clj->js drawer-router)))) Then slide the menu out from the left side of the screen


@misha are you understand how create externs to libs from npm?