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Can I get a last help before I sleep, hehehe, this one is causing an error and I don't know why:

(s/join " " (map (fn [c] (if (blank? c) "🍕" nil)) (s/split @char #" ")))


the problem is in the if condtion


oh got it, blank? is part of string namespace XD (perhaps I need to sleep)


The chinese version of React Native?


It seems like they're going for "Write Once Run Everywhere" and it's based off vue.js, not react. However, all the rest seems really similar. Being backed by Alibaba it can seriously grow.


Nice find, that is rather new! Most of the info pages are still blank 😄


I am using re-natal to develop a iOS app and here are the steps according the re-natal website re-natal use-ios-device real re-natal use-figwheel lein figwheel react-native bundle --entry-file index.ios.js --platform ios --dev false --bundle-output ios/main.jsbundle --assets-dest ios lean prod-build The app works fine on Xcode with simulator and device Deploy to the App Store . However the app when installed from the App Store opens and goes in a infinite loop for “Waiting for figwheel to load files “ Any ideas on the missing steps


(which is horribly documented 😄 )


@rnandan273 It seems you have a development build deployed, in production it should never load fighwheel.


Not using re-natal though so I can’t help you with the exact steps required


@vikeri what would be a better alternative to re-natal


I am setting the release option on Xcode


@rnandan273 I’m using boot-react-native: and there’s also exponent: Exponent might be a convenient option if you are not using a lot of native functionality, haven’t used it though


Ok thanks @vikeri will give a try with it


I’m developing a re-natal app. Made some small changes and now figwheel throws the "Don't know how to create ISeq from: clojure.lang.Keyword” error and it shows the 1st line as the cause. I’m unable to trace the cause, with all the java stacktrace 😞 Any ideas on how to trace where I’ve erred....


@rnandan273 Like @vikeri said, you are using a dev build to package the app for release. Looking at the project.clj, it seems like you need to run lein prod-build before you run react-native command.


at least that’s what it seems like 🙂 I’ve never released anything myself but thought I’d point that out in case it helps.


I found out the issue. I imported a namespace like this [namespace :refer :all] and that is the problem. Referring each function solved this 🙂