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Hi @cldwalker, I’m interested, I started tinkering with cljsrn a few weeks ago and managed to get a mac os app running. I'm interested in other people’s experiences


@upgradingdave I have only used cljsrn fro Android so far. Is there a OSX example available anywhere?


I'm interested in better exception stack in cljsrn, and if it is possible to have a clojurescript compiler as a babel plugin, so we don't need to have figwheel-bridge any more.


@mac it’s very, very rough, but here’s a branch of boot-react-native that should work to build osx app:


I’ll try and work on it to make it a better example as soon as I get a chance.


Hi, If anyone is looking for Apollo Client usage on Clojurescript, I've created an example: It's also published on Exponent:


@tiensonqin I understood that apollo is alternative to relay, am I right?


Yeah, graphql, client cache stuff.


So, why not relay itself? Or is that so that it cannot be used from CLJS? I didn’t follow graphQL client side and know nothing about it


<Comparison with other GraphQL clients If you are deciding whether to use react-apollo or some other GraphQL client, it’s worth considering the goals of the project, and how they compare. In particular: Relay is a performant, opinionated, React-specific GraphQL client built by Facebook for their mobile applications. It focuses on enabling the co-location of queries and components, and is opinionated about the design of your GraphQL schema, especially in the case of pagination. Apollo has an analogous set of features to Relay, but is designed to be a general-purpose tool that can be used with any schema or any frontend architecture. Relay’s coupling to a specific kind of schema and architecture enables some benefits but with the loss of some flexibility, which also lets the Apollo community iterate more rapidly and quickly test experimental features. Lokka is a simple GraphQL Javascript client with a basic query cache. Apollo is more complex, but includes a much more sophisticated cache and set of advanced features around updating and refetching data.


Ah, OK, thanks 🙂


I actually not follow GraphQL too, still think it's too verbose.


Have you seen om-next?


Yeah, I have a small project written with om-next, I definitely like om-next more, but I'd just like to try different things.


Graphql has types, so currently its tools are awesome.


Also, it has already tons of servers support (elixir, scala, go, clojure, etc), that maybe helps.


clojure already? Wow, nice. Thanks for info


Haven't try it, seems active.