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@seantempesta If I remember correctly you were doing something with firebase? I tried to get it working but without luck. It actually even fails when I just send a GET request through the Rest API (I have disabled auth temporarily).


@pvinis I’ll have a look at the issue as soon as I can find some time for it.


@vikeri: Hmm. I’m not doing anything special. I’m just requiring firebase and using it like normal.


@seantempesta: Ok, never got it working in iOS. Resorted to classic rest in android...


Hey - noob to cljs/rn here, coming from a web background. Trying to create a button component from TouchableHighlight and Text components.

(defn btn [props]
  [touchable-highlight {:style (:button s/components)
                        :underlayColor "#E67E22"
                        :on-press #()}
    [text {:style (:button-text s/components)} (:label props)]])
Is there a nice way to change the color of the text when the button is pressed?


@hgreen same, as without fancy css on the web: local component state


probably in combination with these guys:

onHideUnderlay function 
Called immediately after the underlay is hidden

onShowUnderlay function 
Called immediately after the underlay is shown