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@artemyarulin Thank you, I had to add :nrepl-port to :profiles { :dev { :figwheel {:nrepl-port 7888}}}. After that I was able to cider-connect as you said. Just leaving this solution just in case


Hey y’all. 🙂 Have any of you gotten this before in boot-react-native? I’m literally just trying to run the template example app and this red screen is screaming at me lmao.

TransformError: /Users/…/index.ios.js: /Users/…package.json: Error while parsing JSON - Unexpected end of JSON input
Looked at my package.json file but it looks fine. Not sure what’s up.


hey guys, I'm chasing a very weird/sporadic bug with


has anyone encountered anything like this?


basically, at some point calls ( ...) which in turn calls ( ...) and that's where the exception and crash happen


OMG I think I found it... basically don't render your componets in (map (fn [c] ...) [..]) aka LAZY sequences... always wrap the (map ....) call in (doall ) - if the component that you're rendering in a lazy sequence implements Query, bad things will happen


@keatondunsford extra comma in the end of a list?


@keatondunsford put your package.json into an online json parser to verify it’s okay


@raspasov To avoid wrapping the map in another doall, I’d also recommend using mapv, which is like map but eager and returns a vector


mapv is not that explicit, it makes reader wonder every time: "is it there for eagerness, or for vector?"