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Any thoughts?


@vikeri: Seen it a lot of times, I guess in JS community it got a lot of attention, although I still don’t get it - it’s just a wrapper for RN with some included components or does it include something more?


@artemyarulin It tries to fix som of the not so well documented features such as publishing the app and not having to use xcode/android studio.


But I don’t know how good it is for someone who has already poked around a while in the RN world.


One more level of abstraction and then REPL doesn’t work - is it CLJS/JS/Boot/RN/Exponent oh boy … 🙂 Yeah, I guess I’m not a target audience - I’m coming from iOS development so opening XCode is not that scary. BTW (I’m actually think they use it under that hood) - for publishing to stores (and for many others):


@artemyarulin True, but if push notifications take ten minutes rather than two days I’d be happy to try to get those parts. But yeah, I’ll stick to more config for now. Fastlane is great! From browsing the landing page to publishing an iOS-app to Testflight in one day :thumbsup:


fastlane in a gift from the heavens


@vikeri: PN come with "vanilla" react-native now as well.


Hope those components are separately available as well.


@jellea Oh yeah? I had to use the following lib: Did not see any Android implementation of Notifications in vanilla


@vikeri: oh no android indeed!


How to migrate from re-natal to boot-react-native?


the error message in re-natal always been cut at figwheel-bridge, rarely see .cljs file in error stack with source-map enabled.


@doglooksgood: i usually turn on remote debugging in chrome when something is fishy, although if BRN is a better experience at debugging i might have to look at that


@doglooksgood, the error messages you get are in the cljs file


currently no sourcemaps though, so you see the file/line of the transpiled js output


which is still pretty readable I think


you also get the Red Screens, which are often helpful


to migrate, I'd suggest you try to get SimpleExampleApp running, then copy over the build.boot to your project


^^ what I said was about BRN by the way


I’m rather new to any iOS development, and figured I’d play around with re-natal, and have a couple questions. 1) Does anyone have suggestions on integrating Cider with the figwheel repl that’s started? I’m not sure if it opens a port for Cider to connect to, or how I would go about doing that. 2) If I modify the example app in some way that’s invalid (e.g. setting font-weight to 30 on a text block, which is an invalid option) I see a red screen that implies I should be able to reload or dismiss the error, but pressing Escape, CMD + R, or trying to click the buttons didn’t do anything. I ended up just closing the simulator, and relaunching the app from XCode. Is there an easier way?


@surreal.analysis: Cider works fine with RN - Have you checked this part of README? About second issue - by default iPhone simulator doesn’t catch your keyboard shortcuts, you can enable them in Menu - Hardware - Keyboard - Connect Hardware Keyboard


oh, re-read your question that it doesn’t respond to clicks - hm, maybe you have remote debugger attached, it should work fine


Thanks! That helped me fix both my issues


Definitely just skipped over that section of the readme, not sure why


And the remote debugger aspect clued me in to the fact that I launched XCode, and it had paused execution


Launching without XCode works exactly how I’d expect


does anyone use react-native log-ios? It's so cluttered with random, useless messages that it's really hard to read


I tried to filter out the noise using a simple regex script but it sort of gets stuck sometimes


No new messages appear -- that's pretty annoying when you're using logging to debug something