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The React Native site has a section about how to add React Native views to native apps: Is it possible to do this with ClojureScript without too much hassle? Re-natal and boot-react-native are nice, but it's not obvious to me how to use them inside an existing app.


@tord: I’m migrating existing app from native ObjC code to RN + CLJS. It’s not that difficult although requires some work. It could be that at the end you can use re-natal as it will just generate js bundle, you put it in your app and it doesn’t matter if RNRootView initialised from the start or as a subview on some later stage


Do you have some specific questions? Feel free to ask


No, no specific questions yet. Honestly I was too lazy to try to look into it without confirmation that it can be done. I'll see if I can figure out how to do it, and return with specific questions later. Thanks! simple_smile


Hmm, now that I have transitioned to boot-react-native I was hoping for better runtime errors. But all I get is this:


No reference to any cljs-file anywhere. Anyone else getting better error messages?


I know the error is probably from reagent's adapt-react-class but it would have been nice to see from where it was called...


Mm, I love this is «find me if you can» error 😄


Also I can’t get the REPL to work. boot repl -c and then (start-repl) just freezes.