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I get a strange Warning when using the DatePickerIOS:

ExceptionsManager.js:76 Warning: Failed propType: Invalid prop `date` of type `Number` supplied to `RCTDatePicker`, expected instance of `Date`. Check the render method of `DatePickerIOS`.
Eventhough I set :date (js/Date.) The strange thing is that it works but RN still throws the Warning… Anyone experienced anything similar?


So I'm standing in front of a new app right now. I did a lot with rn in the past but this one is very animation heavy and uses a lot of integration with coreaudio and what not. I'm wondering what you guys thing: Do it in cljsrn or learn swift


If I would have to describe what the biggest weakness of react native is, I'd probably say animations


Completely open to either solution. I just don't want to dig myself into problems. Plus rxswift looks really fun