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@seantempesta @artemyarulin I've just published [email protected] with fixes in figwheel-bridge.js we discussed before. I could successfully remove whole function fakeLocalStorageAndDocument and indeed, compilation warnings are still logged with heads-up-display turned off, so they are shown in yellow box on screen. Thanks for tips! simple_smile


Dude. That's awesome! As soon as my hangover goes away I'll check it out. :)


i'm working on an RN app. not sure i'm doing it right. the root component contains a Navigator and i specify all of the child component's queries in the root component's query. what bothers me at the moment is that on each navigation all queries are executes - i've placed a debug print in the parser reader function.


maybe the right way is to have the root query only reference the current child's query at any given time (as chosen by the Navigator)?


not sure how i should approach this