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I'm trying to decide which CLJSRN route to go. I guess the options are natal, re-natal, or boot-react-native. It looks like natal uses ios-specific code (ambly) to embed a cljs repl, whereas re-natal and boot-react-native use a pure js websocket. With ambly, the cljs compilation happens on the device, whereas with the other two, compilation happens on the dev computer. It seems preferable to avoid custom objective-c code and also preferable to perform compilation on the dev computer, which is likely faster than the device. So, in these regards, re-natal and boot-react-native seem superior to natal. Is there an advantage to the natal/ambly approach that is lost with the other two approaches? Next, between re-natal and boot-react-native, the most obvious difference is lein vs. boot. Are there other deeper differences?