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@jurgen_photek & @andrewboltachev: I put an example up of using with react-native-router-flux (which also uses ex-navigator under the covers). I think it’s the way I’m going to go. I want the route changes to come from’s app-state so everything is data driven.


@seantempesta hey! cool example thanks! simple_smile


Hi. Where can I place assets, e.g. images to be served by react-native start?


@andrewboltachev: Are you using re-natal?


Static Images Since version 0.14 React Native supports a unified way of referencing static images In Re-Natal skeleton images are stored in "images" directory. Place your images there and reference them from cljs code: (def my-img (js/require "./images/my-img.png")) Adding an image during development When you have dropped a new image to "images" dir, you need to restart RN packager and re-run command: $ re-natal use-figwheel This is needed to regenerate index.*.js files which includes require calls to all local images. After this you can use a new image in your cljs code.


There’s a section on static images in the README.


oops, I should've check README myself first


@seantempesta: btw, I'll check your om-next-react-native-router-flux too, first I'll finish something out there simple_smile


cool. it’s still a little rough and definitely a work in progress. but it does show how you could do screen transitions, tabs, modals and action sheets from clojurescript.


In flexbox, is it possible to create two fixed-width columns at left and right sides and one flexible, i.e. one that takes the rest of the width?


soo I’m trying rn for the first time, using boot-react-native. I cd’d into the example project, did the npm install and boot dev, opened up xcode, and got this error: cp: /Users/ajm/Dropbox/~/Desktop/boot-react-native/example/app/dist/main.jsbundle: No such file or directory


I’m assuming that means boot dev didn’t do something it was supposed to, but I don’t know enough about what was supposed to happen to know where to start debugging.


here’s my full boot dev output. nothing looks especially odd to me but also I don’t know what to expect:


has anyone used AsyncStorage for a cljsrn app?