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to answer my own question from yesterday... reagent.core/props doesn't work in a react component created via reagent.core/reactify-component ... but otherwise props work the same as with web reagent - ie they are assoc'd to the first arg to a reagent component fn


Is there any danger to calling (set! js/React (js/require "react-native”)) multiple times? I can’t seem to move om-next components to separate namespaces unless I have that statement at the top of each namespace.


@seantempesta: well, there should be no problems calling it multiple times, although you create a global here which has to be available across all your modules


Oh I see. So my components were probably just loading before that global variable was being set. Any good clojure tricks to ensuring some code is required first?


Ah, never mind. I figured it out. I’m just going to have a separate namespace that declares all the react native requires and will list that first in my requires in my core namespace.