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@gphilipp: try using same configuration of reconciler :root-render and :root-unmount as in original template. Now you are using #(.render js/React %1 %2) which will not work with figwheel-bridge.


thanks @drapanjanas. I updated my code but it still doesn’t work I didn’t mention that the UI is showing correctly (even before the modification), the error occurs when I type enough text in the input to trigger the autocompleter. I don’t understand why the uri I’m using (http://wikipedia…) is passed through the figwheel bridge (what is the link) ?


@gphilipp figwheel-bridge shims some things from goog.\ to load the scripts. This might be the problem if you use the same goog. functions in your code, then original behavior is expected but it is not. I guess that might be a limitation of current approach.


@drapanjanas: ok, I’ll use something else than goog then, thanks !


Hey everyone, just curious if anyone tried to use some auth/login modules like or and had any success