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@artemyarulin looks really great. doing some awesome work over there!


@mjmeintjes pushed an update to the boot-react-native project that includes reloading and example apps!


@mjmeintjes: I got clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Could not find artifact mattsum:boot-react-native:jar:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT in mr1 () after boot fast-build for the example app


maybe it’s too soon and not yet deployed simple_smile


@artemyarulin sounds like you’re open to exploring boot for this native stuff?


@yaniv: Yeah, definitely.


sweet. i’m new to cljs / clj but boot seems to be a well designed piece of kit. i’ll be following along with your work. really like where this is heading


one observation - i see a tendency in the cljs community of wanting to do everything in cljs which makes sense, but i think a big percentage of UX / UI Engineers are still in js land so it might be good to have a bridge where react components can be developed in JS and included easily for use in cljs views


i would love to have a system whereby components are composed together from lower level components - each of which starts out as cross-platform compatible but with the ability to be overridden for a particular platform. so at the bottom level you have View, Text, Input, etc which are cross platform components. you can create views using those building blocks which are cross platform but you can additionally specify my-view-ios for example which would provide a particular implementation for ios. it seems along the lines of what you’re building


Yeah, I think in the same way. Currently we can take any react-native component and use in CLJS (we have some small issue with require packages, but would be solved soon). The vise versa (create reusable component on CLJS and use it in JS land with react native) unfortunately not yet investigated


I’m actually now satisfied with the tools around RN and CLJS (we have to handle those require issue still, good discussion here: and I’m working on the similar staff for the ktoa lib). After that I guess the next thing should be really battle testing all of those, I’m going to migrate part of the UI of my existing app to om-next, and maybe I’ll find a time to create some open-source fully functional app


that sounds great. thanks for the link to the require issue