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What's the equivalent of this JSX using our programmatic/direct invocation style of createElement? <View style={[styles.base, &&]} />


I have a textinput that i'd like to have a different borderColor when its text contents are existent


i.e., a style computed from state


what’s the ideal way to get props automatically passed in from react native? using


@iamjarvo: automatically passed in to what and from what?


@johanatan: an example would be navigatorios. when navigatorios renders a component it gives it a navigator object. From the react native page ”A navigator is an object of navigation functions that a view can call. It is passed as a prop to any component rendered by NavigatorIOS.” when i log out this I see the navigator object is in there. I am assuming i need to write a query to get to it but I have not had success. my solution was basically to pass around the navigator to get access to it


Mm I see. Btw, do you have any idea on the question I asked?


hrm are you asking for to convert that jsx into om syntax?