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Oliver George04:11:07

I'm interested in using but I'm not sure how best to incorporate it in my build. I don't think they provide a single JS version in releases. I can see cljsjs packages using webpack. Is that the recommended approach?

Oliver George04:11:36

BTW it's a seriously exciting react ui toolkit.


@olivergeorge if something does not provide an already built JS file then yes, some packages shell out and run npm/webpack/whatever


a quick grep for npm should get you some examples

Oliver George04:11:13

Thanks @martinklepsch good to know I'm on the right track.


you could also check if a pre-built JS file is part of the NPM package

Oliver George04:11:00

I see references to webpack in their repo. Perhaps it does do something like that. I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to js build tools & npm.;q=webpack

Oliver George04:11:05


Oliver George04:11:18

I'll hunt around and see what I can find

martinklepsch04:11:44 — this allows accessing NPM stuff via a CDN


so if there's a file in the package it should help 🙂


Is it possible to make an externs for an AMD-loaded library?


I can't think of a reason why externs wouldn't be possible with AMD, but I want to double-check


@juhoteperi i think the socket-io PR is ready :thumbsup: