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Pursuant to previous commit, does anyone have any idea how I'd begin to package for CLJSJS? It is only available as a CommonJS component and it's not clear how I'd even translate that into something usable here.


Hmm. Looking at a similar package now, I guess I'm just not clear if there's an easy way to generate the necessary externs from a webpack-ified version, short of just doing it by hand?


Ah, wiki currently mentions this: "Use the library's name (without "js" or ".js") as the top-level directory and create the following directory structure:"


yeah. Hence the "chart" name, but I agree it's probably clearer to make an exception in this case given the vague name.


I think I'll change that to "Use the same name as library uses in npm/Bower and remove dots"


That is the same convention that Webjars uses


hmm except why should we remove the dots


Looks like classic webjars don't use single convention


but npm and bower webjars just use exactly the same name as npm and bower packages


I think it would be best to use exactly he same name as official npm and bower packages. I don't think this will cause any problems with Maven. My bash scripts might break but those are easy to fix.