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I'm making my first cljsjs package, for AmCharts and I have a few questions: 1) The license for amcharts is vague and not particularly permissive:

This amCharts software is free under a linkware license.

This means you may not remove or hide in any other way link to amCharts web site - .

If you wish to remove the link, you should purchase commercial license.

You may not redistribute, sublicense or sell this program without written permission of Antanas Marcelionis, the author of amcharts software.

This software is provided without warranty.
would this be an issue in getting accepted in cljsjs? 2) There are 3 different Amcharts products: Amcharts, AmStock and AmMap, they all use amchart.js and several other, sometimes overlapping js files. I'm assuming each one of these products be its own cljsjs package, or should i have a package for the amcharts.js file then depend on that in the other 3 (actually, in typing this out, the first way seems obviously better but correct me if I'm wrong)


With the first way if one uses all three products, the same code is included three times?


I don't think the license is a problem. Presumably it refers to a link created by the lib on the page where it's used?


yes. the same code for amcharts.js would have to be included 3 times in the first way


actually just twice. I guess AmStock and AmCharts share two common JS files and then each have some unique ones


And yes, the license refers to a link that is included in the generated charts


I'm mainly interested in using AmStock at the moment, figured I'd probably get both on cljsjs while I'm at it


Well, I don't care too much which solution you implement. If they share the code, it would make sense to package shared code as separate package so it doesn't need to included multiple times, but it is not too important.


ok thanks a lot!


I think I'm just gonna do them as separate packages for now and possibly separate out the common stuff later. It seems like that's the way amcharts is managed (the duplication exists in their github repositories, etc) and it feels a little weird to me to have an amcharts-common package that includes the amcharts core but also the serial.js part of it just because amstock happens to use the serial charting stuff.


@adampash: a little late chiming in, but I was feeling the same pain when starting out. I did add some notes here on the cljsjs wiki:


@timgilbert: actually that’s 100% what helped me figure it out along the way!


so thank you!


Cool, glad it helped


That was basically the result of me asking the exact some question somewhere on Slack 😉