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@martinklepsch, @juhoteperi: i’ve created a project which helps in creating the extern and build.boot file required for a maintaining a JS package. comments welcome.


the idea is to generate the externs automatically using


I’ve just packaged that in an electron desktop app. the user never actually sees any browser window and it is meant to be run from the commandline


Hi Rohit, that looks very interesting.... (as I am struggling to provide a workable extern file)...


I couldn't get it to work though 😞 first of I seem to be on node 4.2.6 which might be too old.


and the *.min.js file is only available as a zip on the web... is it possible to point the entry in the edn file to a local file path? would that be possible (or maybe a feature to consider in the future.


also the jmkk generator doesn't seem to be able to generate extern file for the paho project.