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Hi everyone, just catching up on your conversation. @shaunlebron Thank you for getting this conversation started. Just to understand the use case: the main idea is to have a standard way to specify compiler configs, right? So that people can reuse them within a project or across projects? Or are people using multiple cljs build tools within the same project?


If we would have a separate cljs-builds.edn as @bhauman suggested in the second example of the gist, the main thing that we would standardise is how to specify different builds, right?


So we would mainly separate the compiler configs from the build tool configs, which could help new users to understand which part is build tool specific and which part is for the compiler itself.


But on the other hand, having the config for a project spread out between multiple files might be confusing.


@maria, thanks, those are good points


the main use case is to make a common starting point across projects, to add some uniformity to how we define cljs projects


I really wouldn’t expect multiple cljs build tools within the same project, except when lein/boot are needed purely for retrieving deps for planck, or the cljs.jar setup


I agree there are tradeoffs to separating compiler / buildtool configs


i’ll start setting up example projects in the proposal repo using different hypotheticals so we can better see those tradeoffs


@ul, sorry are you the logbot guy?


I think I was supposed to invite logbot so the first day was logged. anyway to retroactively log what was missed?


At @bhauman's gist: "; source-paths is common concern among all tools" <- this is not really true with Boot


Boot-cljs presumes that files are in Boot fileset and automatically manages source-paths


Also, while it probably doesn't make much sense with other tools, with Boot it makes sense to separate different builds to different files. Each .cljs.edn file represents single output file.