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I know this has come up before but has anyone looked at tsickle much? transpiling everything to Google Closure does seem useful


looking around, it seems that perhaps Google has switched to TypeScript on a lot of projects but uses tsickle to get everything into Closure


another bit that's interesting is if they're using Closure Compiler as a lower level rep - could mean some of the churn is winding down since there's less pressure to make Closure Compiler "higher" level


i did some experiments with tsickle a year or two ago. there were some issues at the time because we were in the middle of the goog.module migration on both GCC and clojurescript side, so i ended up having to hand edit the JS to get it to be used in cljs


i should try it again


it would be great if it could eventually lead to improved documentation & autocomplete for typescript libraries via the REPL


I believe the closure compiler is also capable of just parsing typescript directly nowadays. never tried it but I stumbled over various mentions in the codebase


pretty sure it doesn't support tsx though


hrm that is interesting