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closing in on getting in sync w/ Closure, in the future I think we'll try to stay more closely aligned


only self parity tests seem to be failing now


once we're past that can take a look at all the simple tickets / patches that have piled up and cut a new release

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@dnolen are you going over the closure-library related changes as well or just the compiler? they removed a bunch of stuff from goog/base.js that cljs.core currently uses. most notably I believe goog.isString goog.isFunction and goog.typeOf. not sure if there are others. I could try to sort those out and provide a patch if you want.


oh nice. I missed that commit.


yeah I learned from the lessons of the past that these two things need to be bumped together 🙂


They must not have heard the “spec-ulation” talk.


in the old days they were really good about it, but it feels like the leadership around the project has changed - but also perhaps the declining usage outside of Google has made them be more aggressive

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