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It seems that it's impossible to run a CLJS REPL on a host other than localhost without repeating the host twice: clj --main cljs.main -ro '{:host ""}' -co '{:closure-defines {"clojure.browser.repl.HOST" ""}}' --repl That's because of this line: Shouldn't the value of clojure.browser.repl.HOST be the same as :host in -ro at all times?


Also, it looks like the --host value should replace the :host value in -ro, but that doesn't happen. The option seems to be completely ignored.


they should be the same - that google define should be set by the browser REPL - if not - just a bug


note it won't work if you already compiled and then change the host


at least I don't think it will - you need a clean build if you change that value


Yep, did a clean build. Still works only with :closure-defines .


ok open a ticket - and a patch for the problem is welcome


I don't think we've done much testing of other domains as it's less common thing to do - other REPLs like Figwheel probably handle this better


I thought the issue tracker is off limits now, no? The page at says about describing an issue at to let the developers know. I can basically duplicate what I've written here if you want though.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:12:23

if you don't have jira access, and you're not going to work on the patch, then either someone with access should log or you can file a question on ask.clojure

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:12:52

if you want to work on the patch, then sign the CA, and submit a request to get a jira acct, and make a jira