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for deps.cljs files, I'm reading that :foreign-libs and :npm-deps are inherited from 'upstream', but this is usually in the context of jars. Does all the same language apply/work for cljs.main and gitlibs?


when using deps.edn in the base dir and deps.cljs files in sources dirs


and are there any differences in general with how deps.cljs works with deps.edn based projects, compared to the jar scenarios discussed in the existing docs?


I didn’t think we looked in jars specifically just stuff on the classpath


Yeah, and I thought I heard folks discussing deps.cljs in the context of cljs.main in here a few weeks ago. Just making sure.


hmm, in a mono repo like setup, with deps.cljs in a particular module's src folder, I'm not seeing that the compiler is noticing the file there. The documentation states that the code-split-module system works with the :foreign-libs. I'm testing externs currently, which can also go in that deps.cljs file, but externs are only getting processed when declared from my file passed to -m cljs.main -co ....


I'll check jira tonight and try to see if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a bug there


Disregard. I failed to put the necessary sub-dirs in my :paths vector of my deps.edn file. It needs to be at the top level of the class path.


The same stuff works in lein, nice!