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Hi all, is there any plan to support allowing a user to pass a custom output-wrapper? I’m getting some errors during advanced optimization which would be best addressed by passing in a custom string,

to allow the closure to have access to some other context. In this case, I wish to use window to get access to the global scope.


@levitanong :output-wrapper could easily support function values, feel free to submit a minor enhancement patch


I would check JIRA to match sure there isn’t a dupe for this enhancement


@dnolen on it. Looks like there isn’t a pre-existing ticket for this, given a search for “output-wrapper”.


@dnolen attached the patch. I was given the option to set the patch to either code or code + test, but I opted not to choose any because I thought I would be able to change later when I actually had a patch to show for it. I don’t know how to change it. :sweat_smile:


no worries, will sort that out


my pleasure!