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I think it should probably be a bit more general, i.e. a generic integration into Closure’s error reporting system. It should be pretty easy to do. And then the default reporter supplies a hook for build tools.


hmm, cljs :npm-deps installation appears to be removing other, valid deps that are in package.json and installed into node_modules. example w/ fairly minimal template with transitive React :npm-deps --

lein new re-view xyz;
cd xyz;
yarn install;
…node_modules/shadow-cljs and shadow-cljs-jar exist…
lein figwheel;
…node_modules/shadow-cljs is empty and shadow-cljs-jar is removed…


Not specific to shadow-cljs, replicated with left-pad as well


so in NPM 5, running npm install <something> --save deletes other things in node_modules, even if they are listed in package.json, if npm install has not already been run. so anyone running yarn could encounter it. i think running npm install before any npm install <dep> --save would prevent this. blah.