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@mfikes cool, will try to find time to look at that tomorrow


@dnolen can you please give me a brief info about this


@lxsameer CLJS-2298 alludes to a similar feature in Clojure, where a user.clj file at the root of the classpath will be auto-loaded when starting a REPL. Where Clojure users often have an (ns user) with useful definitions, ClojureScript users might more often define a (ns cljs.user) namespace in that file, but that is really just a convention, orthogonal to the fact that user.(cljs|cljc) files in the root of the classpath should be automatically loaded upon REPL startup.


@mfikes so basically try to load cljs.user instead of user if there was such a namespace


Not exactly


Any user.cljs and user.cljc files that reside at the root of the Java classpath should essentially be subjected to load-file, I would imagine


I would actually consult with what the bare Clojure REPL does with user.clj for specifics


iirc it’s not a REPL feature, it’s part of the Clojure RT to find and load user.clj from the classpath if it exists


prob has never been updated to look at user.cljc, so that’s a reasonable enhancement


I've been working on getting Figwheel and ReactNative to play nicely, and its starting to become apparent that the targets for JS are just going to keep coming, and maybe we should think in terms of a separate/pluggable post compilation step that packages up a :main entrypoint for a specific platform


or perhaps multimethod that switches on :target


apologies if I've missed conversations about this very thing