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Hi Experts, with Leiningen, can we pass clojure compiler options, specifically "renamePrefixNamespace" but i don't see that option in


(fyi: this isn’t leiningen-related, since cljsbuild compiler options is passed directly to the cljs compiler)


@shrimpywu don’t support that, but for no particular reason other than it hasn’t been suggested before


issue + patch welcome


@dnolen hmm.. right now if we use the ":modules" option with ":optimization :advanced" flag, compile will expose a lot of global functions/vars. From documentation, if we have "renamePrefixNamespace", compile will put all the globale function/vars under the "renamePrefixNamespace" I would like create a issue, can you point me to where is the right place for it? And I am happen to work on a patch if there is guildeline on how to work on the clojurescript compiler, and can you point me to a sample how other options are hook-up (this is my first few days playing around with clojure/clojurescript)