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:npm-deps finishing touches I’d like to see


@dnolen does it make sense to propose expanding dotted symbols in the analyzer to :dot nodes?


It seems it would at least be useful to expand locals(?). I don't really understand how global/js dotted variables work.


Have optimizations been well-tested with the new module support?


@ambrosebs I just need more information on what you’re trying to accomplish?


@juhoteperi I made bunch of minor edits to the post - if we can get those in would like publish tomorrow if possible


@dnolen as far as I understand, dotted symbols are shorthand for field accesses in CLJS. My hunch was that consumers of the AST format (like core.typed) would rather process an AST with :dot nodes containing a :var node, than just a :var node with an implicit field access. I'm just not familiar enough with CLJS's emission to JS to understand when/if this might be useful for tools.


@ambrosebs hrm will think about this and get back to you - if you want to open a enhancement ticket to track this, go for it


@dnolen thanks. Would you consider the tools.analyzer enhancements in smaller patches? I have a unit of work that I'm making into a nice patch to review, but it's not "done". I don't want it to linger for another year.


the first unit of work might just change :op's and :children to be more consistent, plus cosmetic renames of keys (:expr -> :body) plus the internal fixes needed to the compiler.


and larger questions like dotted symbols can be discussed later.


I created a ticket for the dotted var discussion