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@dnolen I blindly assumed you would be OK with the change I proposed here


if you find the time to review I be very interested to hear what you think.


the goal is to provide accurate error locations for more things, ie (+ 1 "2") currently shows the location of + instead of "2"


the change to the analyzer would be minimal, just one extra branch in analyze-form


of course its never as simple as it would appear ... can't macroexpand properly with the wrapped values since they aren't aware of it


unwrapping works but since analyze happens after expansion the information might as well not be there in the first place


but it works sooo well everywhere else 😞


anyone familiar with cljs-ajax? i’m trying to pass a dereferenced atom over as the params without success. the atom contains a string.


@jennifer: this channel is for developing cljs itself (compiler etc.) - you probably want #clojurescript If you post your failing code there I'll see if I can help, I've used cljs-ajax quite a bit.


awesome! thanks. i’ll redirect there.


@dnolen: I’ve gone through the Github wiki and marked all the pages where I could find a match on as deprecated and added a link to the new page (except those already marked deprecated). I’m not sure if there’s more cleanup that’s worth doing on there or not, but there are a couple blank pages, a few dev docs that exist on both sites, and a bunch of pages on the wiki that weren’t moved over (either no longer relevant, dev docs, or info that should already be covered). Happy to put more work into it if you have more that you want to do on the wiki side.