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having a subtle issue with source-maps and tagged literals, when someone enters #js {} into Dirac REPL, from repl.cljc code I get back something like #object[cljs.tagged_literals.JSValue 0x4e71af46 "[email protected]”] as the original source code, this is a problem for my auto-complete system, which reads available cljs files and tries to parse ns forms from them. This is obviously invalid cljs file without defining some #object reader. I believe I was able to identify the problem. repl.cljc tries to fill in :sources-content first by looking at :source in form’s metadata, and if not avail it simply serializes the form using pr: It looks like tagged literals do not cary over :source metadata. For example here: I would expect something like (with-meta (JSValue. form) (extract-relevant-metadata form))


should I fill a JIRA ticker and shoot for a patch?


@dnolen Alibaba is creating Weex, which is like React Native. I don't if we can reuse the code we used for React Native. But I guess we may need to compile it with new tools(or new configurations).


It's using V8 on Android and JavaScriptCore on iOS, meanwhile runs in browsers and Node.js too. Same code on so many environments.


English docs is not all ready, informations can be found on GitHub


Based on the examples ( they just use Common JS modules (npm)


Hard to say, as far as I know they use webpack loaders to translate code. And that looks more like CMD, which is a solution between AMD and CommonJS but still I not sure.