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Alex Miller (Clojure team)01:11:45

FYI, the Clojure JIRA and Confluence system were migrated to a new server host today. In the cutover, a number of comments/changes were lost. These all seemed to be in ClojureScript, mostly David’s changes today and I have recreated those changes and comments manually. Emails notifications are still turned off but I will get those back on soon. If you seen anything unusual, let me know. Seems to be a bit faster too.


Hi, latest Clojurescript failed when testing anaylyzer_tests.clj. It seems to be this line: FAIL in (method-inference) (analyzer_tests.clj:218) expected: (= (e/with-compiler-env test-cenv (:tag (a/analyze test-env (quote (. foo js/bar))))) (quote any)) actual: (not (= js any))


feels a bit faster here as well


@anmonteiro fixed your require issue


I'll try it out later, thanks!


haven't deployed anything yet


@dnolen: re: cache-analysis issue I spoke of a few days ago. It does indeed break the caching somehow when I include an inline vector of code into the build-inputs. But it only seems to break the cache for things required by the inline ns

(api/build (apply api/build-inputs [[(ns independant.core) (defn add [a b] (+ a b))]] ...)


the above will only invalidate cljs.core cache analysis. If I had required other things their cache analysis would be invalidated as well.