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@dnolen @mfikes - Everyone is really excited about ClojureScript freeing itself from the JVM in the wake of the JavaScript closure compiler. But I was wondering about how ClojureScript would handle one of the more elementary things the JVM gives you, which is IO. I posted my thoughts about this on this little reddit thread, but I was wondering about your take -


Any possibility of something like a name space emerging, which might encapsulate the chaos of the world of CLI JavaScript runtime IO interfaces? I recognize that it'd be pretty ugly...


From the compiler codebase perspective, this ticket might lead to at least some hope of using the existing I/O calls that the compiler makes (but then there would still be the need of satisfying I/O requests in something like Node). I’ve been working on CLJS-901 with the mindset of being within the JVM (thus potentially providing sufficient hooks to solve an interesting WebDAV problem with Ambly), but perhaps if a bit more general approach is taken, then any I/O backend could work, even if the compiler is self-hosted and running in Node or some arbitrary JavaScript engine. Interesting.


I’ve just scratched the surface in beginning to think about CLJS-901 and am essentially in experimentation stage with


I think a more abstract candidate than File might be FileObject in JVM land


Anyway, it would also be nice if localStorage or a cookie file could be used for IO, because sometimes that's all you've got. Food for thought. I'll leave you all alone now...


Still some rough edges but i've written alot of scripts with it and its great


Problem is, it doesn't work with planck 😞


Nor localstorage


Im working on a planck equivalent in node too but not quite ready


IDK, JSCore's JIT is faster than the ancient V8 in node.js, I'm not totally sold


I'd prefer if the competing teams here formed a tiny committee and agreed on an API for and then I didn't have to worry about which horse to back

Yehonathan Sharvit20:09:09

What about supporting cljs compilation in the browser?

Yehonathan Sharvit20:09:46

Then we could have a full cljs IDE (inc. compilation) inside the brower

Yehonathan Sharvit20:09:28

People could work on their github cljs project, without leaving the browser!


@viebel I so like that! and now that Google Closure compiler is JS only...well why not dreaming 🙂