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Using core.async in a bootstrap load-fn breaks derefing env/*compiler* during cljs.js/ns-side-effects. ana/missing-uses + check-uses et al are all already passed env as a parameter...swapping out each env/*compiler* with #?(:clj <@U095WMJNR>/*compiler* :cljs <@U095WMJNR>) in 6 lines fixes the issue and everything works as normal (from what I can tell). Can I submit a patch for this?


@pat would want to hear @mfikes opinion about that approach first


@pat I ended up doing a much heavier refactoring with Andare. Perhaps you’ve found a simpler set of changes. One thing you could do would be to run the core.async unit tests in a self-hosted environment to verify that your patch is sufficient. Feel free to copy Andare’s setup for this. See