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regarding webviews, I found it to be "mostly working until it doesn't" the WebKit version is rather outdated, if you don't mind (non affiliated) paying for a dependency is an option that is trivially integrated in cljfx. Jxbrowser is a full up-to-date chromium renderer, not sure if better or worse in a lot of cases but it does work as advertised


@joelkuiper there is also “cef” that supposedly can be integrated into javafx


I haven’t checked neither of those projects 🙂


I'll check it out! Thanks! it shouldn't be too hard I reckon to build it from scratch based off of the webview source code (swap out the renderer, basically). But it would require a lot of knowledge of both the java, c/c++ and webkit implementation details, so it's probably better to leave that to someone else 😉 Although JXbrowser "full speed" (rather than the off-canvas option) is a bit of a cheat, it just puts a window with the correct dimensions on top of your scene


I think @wilkerlucio had some success with trial version of jxbrowser


I got it to work as well, only real issue was the google dependency thing for which deps.edn support is/was somewhat lacking, the difference between it and the webview was night and day though. It could actually render pdf.js without glitches or crashing the whole runtime 😛


@joelkuiper @vlaaad I remember having no big issues to do that, unfortunally I'm not finding the code (I think I deleted it once my trial license expired), if I find it out I'll be happy to share