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hi! I'm trying to render a tree-view with tree-items that change its value depending if they are expanded or not but couldn't figure out how. Is it possible with cljfx tree-view component?


I would say it's possible if you listen to :on-expanded-changed . Is it for some sort of a lazy-loading of data? I can try to make it an example...


oh, thanks for the example!


no it isn't for lazy loading


I'm using a tree-view to explore a clojure value (possibly nested collections)


and I'm trying to copy the UX of the javascript chrome console on JS objects


it changes the tree-item text depending on it being collapsed


it would be super handy if the tree-cell describe fn received a extra expanded? value in it's args


Not sure there are tree cells necessary? If you have expanded in the state, you can use it to control tree-item's text

Daniel Slutsky22:11:44

Hi. I'm running into a strange bug where I am doing simple context changes, and the thread seems to hang without reaching the render stage. This happens only in some situations. Sorry that I do not have a clearer description, it is kind of a complex state machine 😕. Curious to hear if anybody knows about general bugs of this kind (i.e., changes that do not reach the render stage), and if there are typical gotchas related to that. 🙏


I'm not aware of such issues, could it be an infinite loop of subscriptions? Have you tried reproducing it with profiler running to see where the time is spent?

Daniel Slutsky07:11:15

Haven't tried. Good idea, thanks! I'll also look into the subscriptions carefully.

Daniel Slutsky22:11:29

(no JavaFX involved, just the context management system of cljfx)