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dev warning: might be a few circleci build failures as I work out some kinks in some ci rework


all done!


Is there doc on how to run cljdoc for a private (commercial) project? e.g. run it in CI and create an artifact to be uploaded elsewhere. Similar to "coverage" and "junit" tools


Hiya @vemv, are you looking to run the cljdoc web site? Or do you just want to generate the library analysis edn?

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I reckon that I want to generate the "cljdoc web site", but only for the project in question What would the behavior be if I visited / ?


Hmm…. so currently cljdoc analyzes a library, saves the result in a database and then the web site dynamically renders from data stored in that database.

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Tools like (used by many), (used by Clojure core team), and the new (something new from borkdude!) all generate static API docs. Would they be options?


I'm aware of them, but also IDK :) Does cljdoc have internal magic sauce that would make the results more accurate than e.g. codox?


The is a fork of codox. They are pretty similar. Both do load-time analysis to glean public APIs. We currently do a little more (last time I checked) around discovering dynamically created vars for ClojureScript analysis.

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Load-time analysis is great in that it will discover everything, but can also be problematic (I mean everything has to actually load correctly). I am currently looking at also supporting static analysis for cljdoc (via clj-kondo data analysis which is what quickdoc uses). But that’s tangental… and not what you were asking about. simple_smile


I really appreciate load-time analysis so yeah I don't know where to take it from here... looks like the ingredients I want are there but not integrated ootb currently


might hack at some point


thanks for all the info!


codox is pretty great - with quickdoc I wanted something that I could just check into my repo directly and look at straight from Github just as any other .md file in the repo


Yeah a lot of folks are very happy with codox. I wouldn’t discount it.