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Adam Helins15:02:15

Is there a way to "unfold protocols"? As such, the Var column only shows protocols but not their functions, making it unnecessarily harder to find one as it is not directly visible. One must know and remember which protocol it belongs to or remember the name well enough to search for it. I'd argue it is best to display all Vars even if that means creating a sublist for those protocol functions (as it makes sense to keep them grouped). I am surprised it didn't show up in issues 😛


This has also bugged me in the past! Would totally love to see it fixed. If you want I’d offer to record a short video with some guidance on how to implement this.

Adam Helins08:02:50

I am currently on too many projects already but I'll keep it in mind 🙂 How big of a fix do you reckon it is? I believe Codox was showing all vars but I might be mistaken.


I don’t think it’d be a ton of work. Probably the most difficult would be extending the list of vars to support some nesting


I’ll look into it a bit over the weekend and either do it or record a little guidance for someone else to take it on

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