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OK, this is a new one for me:


java.lang.Exception: Could not read contents of doc/
 at cljdoc.doc_tree$process_toc_entry$slurp_BANG___24864.invoke (doc_tree.clj:95)
    cljdoc.doc_tree$process_toc_entry.invokeStatic (doc_tree.clj:102)
    cljdoc.doc_tree$process_toc_entry.invoke (doc_tree.clj:86)
    clojure.core$partial$fn__5839.invoke (core.clj:2624)
    clojure.core$mapv$fn__8445.invoke (core.clj:6912)
    clojure.lang.PersistentVector.reduce (
    clojure.core$reduce.invokeStatic (core.clj:6827)
    clojure.core$mapv.invokeStatic (core.clj:6903)
    clojure.core$mapv.invoke (core.clj:6903)
    cljdoc.doc_tree$process_toc.invokeStatic (doc_tree.clj:137)
    cljdoc.doc_tree$process_toc.invoke (doc_tree.clj:127)
    cljdoc.analysis.git$analyze_git_repo$fn__26198.invoke (git.clj:83)
    cljdoc.analysis.git$analyze_git_repo.invokeStatic (git.clj:55)
    cljdoc.analysis.git$analyze_git_repo.invoke (git.clj:43)
    cljdoc.server.ingest$ingest_git_BANG_.invokeStatic (ingest.clj:43)
    cljdoc.server.ingest$ingest_git_BANG_.invoke (ingest.clj:38)
    cljdoc.server.api$kick_off_build_BANG_$fn__27955.invoke (api.clj:69)
This is (from the v2 branch of seancorfield/honeysql -- what did I do wrong?)


Hey Sean! My quick guess is that the POM doesn’t have and scm.tag property and the build falls back to master where the file is probably not present. See this for some additional information on how to expose the SHA through POM


Also if anyone happens to know I’d like to extend the docs to include some guidance around deps.edn but AFAIK there’s no standard approach for creating POM files that would allow this?


And I confirmed that pom.xml file is present in the JAR (and has the same contents). Here's the tree at the tag and that all seems consistent.


Ah, I think it may be a type in my EDN file -- couldn't see it last night. The EDN file has singular instead of


Fixed that and then moved the tag and kicking off a rebuild on cljdoc -- and now I have docs!


adding this to CI might help detecting this kind of issue: curl -fsSL | bash -s doc/cljdoc.edn