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Sam Ritchie13:12:41

@martinklepsch that would be great, for linking to issues pages, Slack page links etc from the sidebar


Yeah, makes perfect sense. Do you want to open an issue or maybe even a PR? If you’re generally down I’m happy to provide some pointers

Sam Ritchie20:12:22

I don’t have the bandwidth to do this now, unfortunately, but here’s an issue placeholder

Sam Ritchie13:12:52

another Q for y’all - is there any facility now for rendering LaTeX in cljdocs?


Unfortunately not. Maybe we could support it via some Asciidoc extension though… :thinking_face: cc @U09LZR36F

Sam Ritchie16:12:19

and this looks less official, but another option:

Sam Ritchie16:12:23

but more peppy: > Besides those however, it the extension is already working pretty well, and if those points were implemented, we would have, I believe, the best HTML ath typesetting system created so far, opening the way to destroy LaTeX and world domination.

😂 3

Not ported to asciidoctorj unfortunately. I've no experience with JRuby directly.


Doesn't asciidoctorj support mathjax?

Sam Ritchie19:12:04

looks like there’s an asciimath extension

Sam Ritchie19:12:29

though that just handles emitting properly escaped \$…

Sam Ritchie19:12:01

yeah, it is more just about adding a flag to embed mathjax on the cljdoc page

Sam Ritchie19:12:38

window.MathJax = {
  loader: {load: ['[tex]/physics']},
  tex: {
    tags: 'ams',
    processEscapes: true,
    inlineMath: {'[+]': [['$', '$']]},
    packages: {'[+]': ['physics']}
<script type="text/javascript" id="MathJax-script" async

Sam Ritchie19:12:41

something like this

Sam Ritchie20:12:57

made an issue in case this is an attractive idea!