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Sam Ritchie18:12:29

Hey all! does anyone have advice on how to preview docs as you write them?

Sam Ritchie18:12:41

I know there is the more hardcore preview with the docker image, ingesting a jar, etc


@sritchie09 the “hardcore preview” 😄 is the only supported way


if you only want to preview an article you can also use previewers for markdown/asciidoc

Sam Ritchie18:12:01

looking to validate all my links etc

Sam Ritchie19:12:42

okay, nice, thank you!

Sam Ritchie19:12:52

strangely I’m seeing

No method in multimethod 'filepath->type' for dispatch value: null


could it be you have a cljdoc.edn that isn’t valid?


e.g. has a :file key that’s nil or similar?

Sam Ritchie19:12:50

I’m cutting my cljdoc.edn down to bare bones to check it out, visually it LOOKS like all files are here (though I may have a typo)

Sam Ritchie19:12:21

amazing @martinklepsch, very helpful!

Sam Ritchie19:12:24

it found my typo


arguably not the best error message 😄

Sam Ritchie19:12:24

I’m going through this myself, looking for a nice pattern to expose solid default error messages for multimethods

Sam Ritchie19:12:58

thanks for getting me unstuck here

Sam Ritchie19:12:07

and for this wonderful library, etc etc!


welcome & thanks 🙏

Sam Ritchie19:12:13

@martinklepsch, sorry to come running back… strangely the preview is still failing with the same exception. I do wish I could see which file, or entry, it is trying to get an extension for and failing

Sam Ritchie19:12:22

this is my TOC - the checker you sent passes just fine

Sam Ritchie19:12:51

maybe the empty dicts are a problem? I took that style from

Sam Ritchie19:12:24

I also have all .adoc files… only asking here since there is serious latency on checking via the docker method

Sam Ritchie19:12:21

oh, you know what - I bet it’s that I haven’t committed


yup, not committing would do it, the documentation building always operates on a specific Git rev

Sam Ritchie19:12:36

it looks like adoc files don’t show their title on the page, is that right?

Sam Ritchie19:12:01

= How to Use SICMUtils

How do you use this?

- Library
- Notebook
- Clojurescript (see cljs page)
- Shell (via GraalVM)

Sam Ritchie19:12:02

for that file


that looks odd to me

Sam Ritchie19:12:24

looks like this is true on the cljdoc docs page too

Sam Ritchie19:12:33

here’s the raw file


hm, that’s weird


Oh I thought it was supposed to look like that


I also experience this


I can probably look at that sometime this weekend