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Ok, I’m a goofball. And also maybe I should update our docs on previewing locally. Our docs here steer folks to ingest from their git repo on the local file system. And I followed our guidance when previewing but was frustrated that links to SCM were not included in the preview (images, links to source, etc). So I spent quite some time trying to figure out to how preview with links to some local SCM-thing when ingesting from the file system. I even worked on an ADR, believe it or not! Better default guidance, I think, is to ingest from hosted SCM (GitHub) rather than the file system. This way you get a full preview, images shows, links to API work, all is grand. @martinklepsch, I think you probably tried to tell me the above was an option ages ago, but my poor wee brain just would not take it in. simple_smile


So, I’m going to reverse my support for linking to a static web server when running locally in my, there’s no real need to do this. The other fixups still make sense though.