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Adam Helins23:05:51

Hi, I don't know if this is "serious" enough to open an issue, maybe I am doing something wrong. My build is failing because of this spec:

clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Spec assertion failed
{:publics ()} - failed: (contains? % :name) in: [:analysis "cljs" 1 0] at: [:analysis 1] spec: :cljdoc.analysis/namespace
{:author "Adam Helinski", :publics ()} - failed: (contains? % :name) in: [:analysis "cljs" 1 1] at: [:analysis 1] spec: :cljdoc.analysis/namespace
It is weird, I don't think I have changed anything in the ns form relative to the previous version of this project. Anyway, on my end of things everything works.


@adam678 Link to the project in question?


I assume it's this (or at least, one of the namespaces in that project)?

Adam Helins12:05:15

Hi Sean, no it's dvlopt/fdat: I reckon I did add a conditional reader in (:require) on cljs.analyzer.api but it shouldn't make a difference. And the package works fine.


Ah, so for the cljs case, you end up with (:require) which is illegal.


That's not a problem, as far as I know, that's just ClojureScript rejecting your code.


(if cljs accepts that, I'd be surprised -- but it certainly doesn't look valid to me)

Adam Helins18:05:39

Right, I see how that could be a problem. I added the second reader without thinking about it. However, it works! That is why I didn't get alarmed and didn't notice the obvious. Nonetheless I'll change it